The COMET Clinical Trial Consortium (CCTC) website was conceptualized by Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, who first presented the idea to COMET (Community-Oncologists of Metropolitan Toronto) members in October 2010. Shortly thereafter, the first project manager was hired and the collection of clinical trial information began. The site officially launched in September 2011, and has continued to grow in membership since then.


One of the fundamental goals of Cancer Care Ontario is for every oncology patient to have access to clinical trials. It is recognized that the majority of cancer clinical care occurs in non-cancer centers. Within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding regions, this occurs in COMET sites, where an estimated 5000 new cancer patients are seen annually. These are cancer clinics affiliated with community hospitals. For these patients, access to clinical trials depends on the community hospital’s infrastructure to support oncology clinical trials.

Within the COMET Clinical Trials Consortium (CCTC), each individual member site will be linked for the purpose of improving accrual and access to cancer clinical trials for cancer patients being treated across Ontario.


“My first time navigating through the COMET website was great; I found the website to be very user friendly. I was able to add our site to the trials very quickly and see what other sites are on the trial as well. The COMET website is a great tool for seeing what is available to our patients with just a couple of quick steps!”

– Erin Ross, Southlake Regional Health Centre

“My HER2 positive breast cancer patient had just progressed and I wanted to see if anything was available for her in the metastatic setting. I used COMET and searched for HER2 positive and breast cancer and immediately found 4 trials for metastatic patients. Each trial has a link to the clinicaltrials.gov webpage where I could quickly go through the eligibility criteria. The COMET web page even has a direct email referral to the PI and study coordinator responsible for this trial, in my case at NYGH. I was amazed how quickly and efficiently I got the information I needed, and all in less than 5 minutes!”

– Niousha Foad Ghazni, St. Michael’s Hospital