What is the COMET Clinical Trials Consortium (CCTC)?

The COMET Clinical Trials Consortium (CCTC) is an online network that allows oncology professionals access to clinical trials within Ontario. In a few easy steps, you can find the closest and best clinical trials for your cancer patients. The goal is for your patient to be seen within 2 weeks of the initial referral. In addition to easy communication amongst clinical trial staff, the CCTC offers a discussion forum where best practices and tools to help improve your clinical trials can be shared.

Who has access to the CCTC?

Physicians, principal investigators, clinical research coordinators, and other clinical trials staff have access to the CCTC. This site is designed as a network for oncology research professionals, to facilitate the referral of cancer patients. Patients are not granted access to the site.

I have registered for the CCTC, why can’t I login?

Once you have submitted the registration form, your request will be sent to the CCTC Project Manager. The Project Manager will review your application and reply within one business day. Upon approval by the CCTC Project Manager, you will be granted access to the site.

My institution is not in Ontario. Can I still join?

At this time, our membership is limited to Ontario sites. We hope to expand to other areas across Canada in the future.

My institution does not offer clinical trials. Can I still join?

We encourage all medical oncologists to join the CCTC, regardless of whether they are offering clinical trials at their site. Joining the CCTC will allow you to easily access clinical trials for your patients.

I have added a trial – why hasn’t the change appeared?

Similarly to registration, your change must first be approved by the CCTC project manager before appearing on the site. Please allow one business day for the addition of a trial to be approved.

How can I submit my trial for the trial of the month?

If you have a clinical trial that you would like featured in our newsletter, please email the CCTC Project Manager at comettrials@smh.ca.