Search Trials

Look up clinical trials that are actively accruing patients posted by member sites. The search function enables you to select trial criteria from drop-down menus based on Tumour Type, Tumour Subtype, Tumour Stage, Type of Treatment, and/or Institution .

Note that general searches (e.g. Gastrointestinal) will produce a larger number of results while more selective searches will match with fewer trials (e.g. Gastrointestinal/Colon/Adjuvant).

If you do not input any search criteria, a list of all trials posted on the CCTC will appear in the results section.

Search trials 1

To conduct a more specific search, use the Search by Keyword function to look up trials that contain the desired keyword found in the Study Title or Acronym.

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Post Your Trial

Post your clinical trial that is actively accruing patients at your institution from the POST TRIAL tab under your Account page. All trials must meet the following criteria for successful posting:

    • The clinical trial must be related to oncology and/or for cancer patients
    • The trial must be actively recruiting patients for study
    • The trial must be located at a site within Ontario
    • The PI and Clinical Research Coordinator must be registered CCTC member

Once the Project Manager confirms this criteria, the trial will be posted on the CCTC and can be viewed by other registered members.

Electronically Refer (eRefer) Patients

The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) and Principal Investigator (PI) from the desired institution are directly notified via email of referral inquiries when members eRefer their patients from the CCTC.

To refer a patient, you must click on the Email PI & CRC link (from the desired site) which can be found on the trial posting page.

Once this occurs, a message box will appear to write a referral inquiry and facilitate a formal fax referral. Please do not use any patient identifiers in this initial message from the CCTC.

For more information on how to use CCTC functions, please download our full CCTC User Manual user manual pic